Event-based Ride Hailing
Event-based Ride Hailing

Event-based Ride Hailing

Your preferred mobility solutions partner for events, providing your attendees an alternative mode of transportation.

Seeking An Alternative Ride Hailing Option for Your Event Attendees?

Robust Vehicle Supply

Book and Pay Seamlessly

Minimal Waiting Time

Why Ride with Us?

Sustainable Rides

99% of our fleet are hybrid / electric vehicles

Improved Visitor Experience

Little to no waiting time with guaranteed rides

Flat Rates, No Surge

Enjoy a consistent experience with no sudden or unexpected price increase during peak periods

On-site Concierge Support

An on site team will be at your event to ensure smooth operations flow

Consistent Supply of Rides

Supply of vehicles will be on standby

Diversified Vehicle Offerings

5 Seaters, 7 Seaters and Premium Vehicles available for VIPs

Expo Mobility Solution Partner

Singapore EXPO faced a significant challenge of dispersing large crowds, post an event. The lack of readily available taxis or private-hire vehicles in the area posed a challenge for visitors who encounter difficulties securing a ride out of the venue.

By simplifying and streamlining the processes required for a visitor to book a ride out of Singapore EXPO, we were able to elevate the overall visitor experience materially, through a safe, reliable and efficient mobility solution.​

We are proud to be Singapore Expo’s Preferred Mobility Solutions Partner.

Events at Singapore Expo

Interested in Our Event-based Ride Hailing Services?

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