Silent Hour Transport Concierge Service

Are you someone with irregular working hours?

Air Steward / Stewardess

Medical Staff

Security Guard

Whether it’s commuting to work or returning home during late nights or early morning, Lylo is able to get a ride for you!

Why Ride with Us?

Safe and Guaranteed Rides

To ensure peace of mind while travelling with us

Well Trained & Experienced Drivers

Regular training sessions are provided for our driver partners

Time Savings & Convenience

Maximise your time to make the most of your day with no waiting time!

Car Pooling

Up to 4 stops for an even lower rate!


Dedicated group chats between parents and our operations team will be created

Flat Rates, No Surge

Enjoy a consistent experience with no sudden or unexpected price increase during peak periods

Interested in our Silent Hour Concierge Services?

Drop us a message to enquire and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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