• Lylo's Purpose

    • Leveraging on Lumen’s Group fleet of over 3,000+ active private-hire drivers, Lylo provides comprehensive transportation solutions to address the mobility needs of organisations.​
    • Lylo’s roots begun in 2020 when the Lumens Group sought to partner with logistic providers to help supplement driver-partner’s incomes when demand for ride-hailing services fell significantly amid the COVID-19 pandemic.​
    • In 2022, Lylo was officially founded with the launch of the Lylo Driver App which serves the community of private-hire driver-partners leasing from Lumens and Focus Rental.​
    • Today, Lylo continues to help driver-partners maximise their driving income through our range of initiatives and synergistic product offerings, while also helping corporate organisations resolve their point-to-point transportation challenges.​
  • Milestones

    Introduction of Lylo Events Mobility Solutions

    Launch of LyloHaus @ 300 Sin Ming Road

    Launch of Short-Term Car Rental Services

    Launch of LyloAds Out-Of-Home Advertising Solutions

    Official Founding of Lylo

    Launch of Lylo Official Driver App for Lumens & Focus Rental Driver-Partners

    Authorised Reseller of Esso Corporate Fuel Cards

    Introduction of Jobs to support driver-partners through COVID-19

Lylo's Philosophy

Exceptional Service

At the core of all things Lylo, we are committed to providing exceptional service across our suite of services for mobilityusers by building a human connection with our customers. We strive to make the mobility experience simple,convenient, and enjoyable for our users.

Constant Innovation

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver product-driven solutions that are facilitated by technology. Our commitment to constant innovation means that we are looking for ways to improve our service offerings and meet the evolving need of our users and communities.

Building a Community

We strive to establish a network of drivers, partners and stakeholders to foster a sense of community and collaboration. By bringing Lylo users together, we can create a positive and supportive environment that benefits everyone involved, creating greater value for all.